Intimacy Begins with a Question

from Raisa:

There is not a single question that a child will not ask and there are no questions that should be banned from being asked because when a child meets the World, naturally inquiry arises. In this inquiry the child seeks intimacy with his or her World.

Intimacy is our natural state. It is the state we are born into. Somewhere along the way though, sitting in a primary school classroom, we asked a wrong question and people laughed at us. Somewhere along the way we faced others’ humiliation, dismissal, judgment and negativity when asking our questions, and we learned not to ask ALL questions. In some cases, not to ask any questions at all.

We learnt these lessons at a young age when we often didn't have the mental capacity to question these negative responses to our questions. Because we sought intimacy and were dismissed, we came to the conclusion that there must have been something wrong with us and our questions. Not only did we then begin to suppress our inquisitiveness but we also stopped our search for intimacy. We dismissed our own need for intimacy in the same way that people dismissed us.

Look at your partner openly this evening, or look at yourself in the mirror, with your most childlike eyes, with the eyes of curiosity and fascination. What do you see? Please share with us below. Be specific. Be curious. And above all give yourself full permission to be inquisitive.

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