The Intimacy of Imperfection

Since childhood, we have been so conditioned by our never-ending quest for approval that we attempt to project a 'perfect' image of ourselves to the World in order to be loved. We hide our failings and less attractive qualities from the people around us and present an edited 'brochure' of who we are. We think that if people saw our less charming sides that they wouldn't love us as much.

But the truth is, when we meet someone who is comfortable to be seen in all their lights and shadows, it is the most refreshing experience imaginable. When someone is unashamed of their imperfection, suddenly that so-called fault becomes strangely attractive. Here we see that it's not the quality that is unattractive but our shame around it.

I don't only want to meet your 'good' sides. I want to meet you in your wholeness, warts and all. As we reveal more and more of our crazy diversity, there is more and more of each other to love and laugh about. And so more intimacy is felt and we go deeper still.

This was the core of the song 'Wounded In All The Right Places' we wrote for KD Lang to sing in our last 1 Giant Leap film 'What About Me?' - here's that song:

What part of you would be a challenge and a relief to let us see?  Please let us know by commenting below. I'm scanning my own list as I ask this:  hmmm.......abandonment terror.......panic attack casualty.......fascist many to choose from.

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