Leave Your Job Today

I've been slowing down recently. Something about living with Raisa Breslava who's rhythm is uber-presence and slow sensitivity, or perhaps it's all this focus on 'full-body-listening' and exploring all the creative genius that 'emptying and listening' can deliver that has made me realise: a life fully lived at the correct pace simply leaves no time for a job.

I've been slowing down and I notice that the amount of time it takes to chop and peel the fruit in the morning, to eat or drink it consciously, appreciating every mouthful and every taste as if it's the first time I've ever tasted it - to be present with my whole body, not just the sensations in my mouth but my whole body, as my genius system of tubes and chambers delivers and harvests the nutrition - then washing myself slowly and gently, unhurried, limb by limb, stroke by stroke - to love and care for every inch of myself as I clean and enliven the whole surface of my skin-body, and then to dry each area equally lovingly with the same presence and care I'd give a baby - and to then cream or oil my limbs, connecting deeply to muscles and sinews, thumbs seeking out any lines of stiffness or resistance, unknotting and relieving, combing the energy through - to stretch myself out and attend to my hamstrings and tendons and breathe through my joints, my spine, my stillness - to breathe deeply with myself, waking up my organs with a smile for each one, guiding an inner smile through my liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys, and so wake up my body's innate self-mending power and even take a little longer to send some of that magic healing juice out into the world, to all living beings, 'May they all be free of suffering' - and watch the good juice I'm sending have it's transformational effect in my minds eye, to see it do it's good - and to then light herbs of sage and sweet incense, step by step making my way through the house, room by room, step by conscious step allowing the smudging, clearing qualities of the smoke to reach every corner…how could there be time for a job?

Please, unless you're working somewhere where you're really inspired and you're contributing to something that feels meaningful for you and where you are touched and nourished by having your gifts received - Leave Your Job today.

The radical shift that will occur in your life just by you luxuriating in having ALL your waking hours now to yourself to be creative, to be passionate, to be restful, to be still - to do ANYTHING YOU PLEASE - to have the space for a crazy new idea to pop into your head, or the scent of an old memory to suddenly launch you into a creative blur - to have time for tea and a chat and a moment of explosive inspiration and then space to ruminate, or get straight to it. To have time on Tuesday to meet or Wednesday to stay in bed all day making love - to cook and cook and experiment and fail and laugh and make love some more…

Leave You Job, today. Don't look back. Dare for a year or even a half-a-year to GIVE YOURSELF YOUR LIFE BACK. Your precious time on Earth is for YOU. Don't sell it. You came here to live every hour of that forty hour week. Imagine if you had less weeks left than you thought...

...Don't wait.

Leave your job, today.

and please tell me what you would REALLY like to do after breakfast instead.

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