A quick question if I may……….?

If there was a mass corporate and political amnesty, collectively agreed by all of us humans, whereby all oil companies, and the dodgiest bankers and all their affiliated poison-peddling companies, alcohol, sugar, tobacco, chemical-medicines, all the arms dealers and political fog-spinners and dealers of death-for-profit would be given a clean sheet, tabla rasa, no questions asked ever again or any blame or culpability for anything they'd done before this day.… IF

…tell me this people; if there was the sole condition that in return for this total amnesty for all and any past atrocities these companies would have to start and lead the immediate clean-up Earth process and design and build the architecture of a sustainable, respectful, people-loving system in place of the unsustainable one...

I want to know

Would you be satisfied with this immediate, drastically positive change on the planet if it came with the price of you never getting to blame, hold to account, shame, prosecute or condemn a single company for anything from the past from that day forward - would you go for it?

Could you live with the change we all want if it came with a clean sheet, wiping away all accountability from the past for everyone, no exceptions?