God's Deaf Waiters

All around you, standing to attention, looking sharp in their tailored suits stand God's Deaf Waiters. They are primed and excited to bring you all manner of amazing delights, conjure support you never dreamed of, whisper to you great ideas and triumphantly manifest unexpected good fortunes and synchronicities to further you on your Mission. The only thing is, they're deaf. So they can't take your orders or understand your desires from what you say you want. No, they can only surmise their orders and your wishes from your Actions.

When we take actions according to our passions they see us getting busy and productive and they get interested, they conclude….oh Jamie's doing that, he'll need one of these…. and they styishly come up with timely gifts that we'd never have imagined were just what we needed, yet summoned by our intent, fuelled by our productivity and commitment, God's Deaf Waiters are all around us, waiting to serve our highest excitements.

Tip big.

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