All Fools Day

In our age one of the greatest feast days of the whole year should be April 1st - All Fools Day. A day that should be kept and celebrated religiously and universally. A holy day when no work is done. A day given over to the divine fantasy of holy gaiety. A day of the giving away in unending foolish-non-rational-generosity of gifts clothed in the marvels of the imagination. The entering of strangers houses and the placing of gifts upon their tables.

A day of mystical jokes concealing great mercy. A day when all the mercies of the year gather together to manifest themselves.

At night there should be fireworks, the night sky strewn with the holy signs of divine fun - written in streams of fire, and whirling catherine wheels that light up the dancing of the fools. For lovers this is the day of the year to celebrate love; their patron saint is the Fool, for all lovers are one with the Fool, as they are one with the artist and the poet, they are of the same race.

All Fools Day should be celebrated everywhere by everyone; some with dancing, some with feasts, some with fasting. A day when all the failures in life, the misfits, the deformed ones, the simple minded ones should be revered by all men with awe - and to them should be given gifts; gifts piled at their doors in the morning, gifts given all day. They should be celebrated as one of the mysteries of life. Yes, this would be the one day of the year in which all human beings could dissolve the cruel monotony of the utilitarian principle of work and respectability, that with the plausible teeth of its mechanism, tries to destroy the mysterious wonders of life.

thank you Cecil Collins