Gun-Runners or Peace-Keepers?

I'm about to start a campaign to challenge the people to demand a stop to UK and USA being the gun-runners of the World. I have been told that UK and USA account for over 65% of all the guns bombs and bullets and military hardware sold and distributed in the World. I want to get the actual % figure if possible.

We have a history of arming little countries, propping up savage Dictators and regimes when it suits our political/economic aims to do so, including Gaddafi who we armed, and then going in, guns blazing to depose them when they no longer serve us, and never admit it was us who put and kept them there in the first place! It's dark.

In the case of Sadam Hussein and many others, as he couldn't afford our arms, WE EVEN LENT HIM THE MONEY TO BUY THEM FROM US. And after he used the arms to abuse his own people we now, having killed him, have left the Iraqi people with the debts he racked up. Yes, we are expecting them to pay us back for the loans we gave out for his illegal arms we supplied. Beyond evil.

This is all being done in our name. Our governments work for us. We are the CEO, the Shareholders. They are our employees. We have forgotten this. They are accountable to us. This needs to be woken up to.

Libya is another great example.

My endgame is that

a) we stop arming the world

and until then

b) every gun, bullet, bomb and piece of military hardware UK and USA manufacture has to be tagged and tracked. We need to know where EVERYTHING we make goes, is sold, distributed.

It is INCREDIBLE that this has gone on so long.

I need contacts, information, research, input - folks who know their stuff about this please.



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