Good Bad Karma

KARMA: let's not, in our self-slave-driving way mistake the lessons and illuminations Life is sending us for 'punishment' or 'payback'. This is far from what I understand by the laws of cause and effect or 'karma', Life wants to show us the things we're missing, or suppressing, or escaping. If we continue to take actions which demonstrate that we're in denial or rejection of those illuminations then Life has no choice but to turn up the volume so that we hear it. This can feel like punishment because after we've avoided looking at something enough times we might get a bonk on the head to wake us up. But this is just Life taking necessary measures to reach us. It's benevolent. None of us deserve punishment or condemnation for our past ignorance. Please let this in. Let's not add self-harming blame ideas to the already challenging lessons Life is sending us.