You are a dick-head

‘What people think’ is a vastly overrated issue to concern oneself with yet it is an often paralysing force, stopping people from daring to live their dream or even speak in public. The folks I’ve coached who are afraid of speaking in public seem to all suffer from the same problem; they’re not ok with the idea that anyone would think or see them as a total fool. For me, I already know that me being a total numpty, constantly failing, spilling the wine, saying the wrong thing, is a GIVEN. If you are ok with the basic, self-evident truth that ‘of course you’re a fool, who isn’t??’ then you are free! Public speaking will be the least of the gifts and relaxation that flows into your life. You, yes YOU, are an utter nincompoop. Stop imagining it’s a priority to hide that fact and we can all relax and thrive with each other.