I'm SO disappointed!

Disappointment is all about sticking too rigidly to a model, an idea we have of 'how it should be' - or how someone else 'should' be. But we don't know others' paths, it's all so complex. Some souls are here to experiment with deceit, some with cowardice, some with loneliness - it's all so complex. All we can do is leave analysis of 'why' behind us as there's no formula that fits everyone. If you want to shift this feeling, question your own expectations - see if you can even accept behaviours and events that make no sense to you - see if you can get more comfortable with not knowing. It’s only our expectations that hurt us in these times. And our expectations are our own responsibility, even when they seem totally natural and understandable. We can be surprised, even shocked, but always knowing it's our fixed model that’s hurting us.