Are You A Sex Object?

I was reading a post about women not wanting to be objectified sexually today and I've always wondered about this. Clearly, reducing women to the only sexually visual, tarted-up, arousing male sexual impulses role is way out of balance in our culture. The percentage of women on TV, on billboards and in print media which are photoshopped to conform to a thin, homogenised, sexually-appealing, over-groomed value system is very high and this can subliminally brainwash us over time and consistency of impact to expect that all women should look like this. This clearly goes nowhere good either for the men or the women. But also, the visually astounding qualities of Woman, her beauty, deep power, grace, and yes, even sexiness are among the most wonderful ingredients of planet Earth available. They've triggered most music, poetry, art, and the devotional aspirations of men and the masculine principle since the beginning of time. You could even argue that the whole of the abundance and continuation of nature itself depends upon this principle from women to men and from flowers to bees....

To me, women can be any combination of deep souls, great minds, sex bombs, fragile flowers, wise hags, destructive typhoons, confusing conundrums, ecstatic volcanos of bliss - there's not room on this page to complete the ever evolving list of my experience.... and yet I don't believe women don't want to be seen as sex objects. The beauty/sex industry thrives and always has, and did so long before darkly manipulative advertising and marketing evils of today. Many, not all, women (and maybe most men too) want to be found attractive, desired, even lusted after and that includes their visual, physical sexiness, no? I think the problem we have in our culture is how imbalanced the weight of that focus is. Women certainly don't want to be ONLY a sex object. They rightly want to be enjoyed and valued for being many things, and not all of it feminine. But to remove the sexy appreciation is also a mistake. This issue, for me, is about balance of appreciation not stopping lusting after sexy buns.

Please let's not place an ignorant cultural taboo on celebrating sexiness in all it's forms and please let's broaden our appreciation for all that we men and women are. Let's become fascinated with each other, immersing ourselves deeply in all our qualities, mutual and diverse. When we do this, we WE OURSELVES open up our excitements and fascinations, the covers of all the magazines will change and the occasional wolf-whistle in the street might even be welcomed.