Listen to the Silence

Rudolph Steiner has a great meditation he recommends where he says - I'm paraphrasing - 'listen to a dog bark or a baby cry, and first just listen to the sound it makes, the barking and crying sound, and then listen deeper, behind the actual sound, listen to the impulse that threw that sound out, the energy that made it spring forth into a sound' - this is one of the steps of the Full Body Listening we do on the weekends, listening first to the words, then the needs or agendas behind the words. Debussy said 'music is the space between the notes'.

The crazy Taoists have a whole wing of teachings called Wu Wei - Active Non-doing. So cool! You get more data and available wisdom by tuning in to space than anything else.

The greatest skill to develop in our times is the ability to pause, to stop, to leave space, and listen.

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