Calling All Activists and Healers!

ACTIVISTS and MOVEMENT LEADERS - I notice that it's paramount that the members, especially the 'leaders' of the groups for change are constantly, visibly fallible in our anger, dark appetites, corrupt tendencies, all the dark parts which make us humans, and as we play openly with those shadows, be seen in them, not try and put forward any pretensions that we are above those aspects of ourselves, then we can be walking permission slips for the members of the movements and groups to also not hide away their shadows and in this way the projects for change and healing can be sustainable. I really hope that all of these new projects include a good dose of this. I hope they never pretend they are above those who have unconsciously slipped into the old structures of greed and ignorance, but instead constantly admit fallibility, human nonsense and with mischief and foolishness guard against over earnest, grandiose, superior notions of themselves. I hope the creators and other folks running these shows can bare their shadows so visibly that we never pretend we are better-than, or above the past. Look what your 'fighting against' out in the World - it's an arrow directing you to an internal battle, something you need to address within yourself. Look what you want to heal in the world - it's an arrow directing you towards something unhealed and unfinished inside you. Use the things you feel passionate to fight and heal in the World as the signposts they are - all ways our innate Genius is using to mirror ourselves and get our own houses in order so that we can have a sustainable and effective impact on the issues of our Home Planet.

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