Merry Xmas?

Something I feel needs discussion is how we, at Xmas time, build the kids up with a frenzy of expectation; the presents, the things Santa will bring, the orgy of receiving and getting, all so that the adults can get a kick out of seeing the kids so excited, so we can milk their excitement (really for ourselves NOT them) and then, when the big day comes and the inevitable disappointment kicks in (because what experience could ever match that build up?), the kids, one way or another, melt down, behave 'badly' or spoilt or disappointed on Xmas day, and then, I feel abusively, having created this sensory 'sugar-crash' of materialism, we SHAME the kids for their behaviour and ingratitude! It's a double abuse we perpetrate on them - first a fake building up of hope for something which is never delivered, and then an unjust shaming when they don't behave how we want them to in their confused come-down. All for US, not for them. We kid ourselves it's for them but on closer examination I feel that's nonsense. Kids want our attention more than any present or toy. Focused attention IS love, undistracted by i-phones, emails or TV. That's all they hunger for and is what will give them a Christmas to remember forever.