Intimacy with My Body

Choose Space, not Reaction.

When a challenging feeling arises, or an unexpected situation throws me off-centre, the first organ that leaps into the fray is always my amazing, problem-solving Mind. It's as if I believe that whenever an unusual or shaky feeling arises in me I have to make it immediately go away with a solution or a controlling response from my thinking centre. Yet if I take a breath and a moment of space to allow myself to feel this uncomfortable wave fully before I dismiss it and block or solve it, the seductive, over-reactive urge to control the situation subsides and a less anxious and more trusting sensation is left. This is my Intimacy with myself.

To live intimately with myself and with the circumstances which unfold around me, it takes a moment of space and of listening. This is the habit to cultivate.

Choose Space, not Reaction.

I find a moment alone. I place my palm on my heart, I take a breath, and I feel deeply for a moment. Naturally, I fall into more harmony with what's really going on instead of struggling and resisting by auto-reacting to it.

This Intimacy with myself saves me much angst and energy. It even saves me from alienating other people in my life both at work and at home.

What makes you so triggered that you instantly over-react? Please write below both the trigger or situation and also, next to it, how that behaviour in others is exactly like you yourself in some way.

Please continue with the answer to this vital question: ‘If I had set this situation up as a simulation scenario to show myself something about me, what could it be?’

This is how we participate with the challenging circumstances we encounter. This is where we are powerful, not victims of our circumstances.

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