I used to remark jokingly "it's all a mirror" after so many occurrences in my daily life that it became a kind of catch phrase, but the literal truth of that phrase becomes more astonishingly apparent with every day. My prayer for myself in 2011 is to truly experience all the challenges and excitements and even stabs of pain as the literal mirrors of me and 'where I'm at' that they are. So much less struggle and the possibility of more excitement, to explore the map of myself, all my edges and cliffs, played out for me in technicolor, posing as 'my life'. I aim to trust more what I'm shown in 2011. Listen more to the spaces in between 'what's happening' and read the 3D writing on the wall which, when I focus on it with openness to be educated and inspired, I get a chance to liberate myself. I am also not afraid to admit that I also ask for the education to be un-traumatic. I don't want to be violent to myself any more. Jamie