What about You?


What about You? is a two day workshop designed to facilitate bringing your ideas and projects out of your head and into the real world. Jamie mixes both a Project-building Masterclass with processes and games to amp up the levels of presence and make sure we’re creating from a 100% inspired and empowered place.

MONEY is not a pre-requisite to attending, I truly believe the weekend is an amazing opportunity to receive everything I’ve learned about getting what’s inside you OUT and actually launched in the world being loved by loads of people, the whole dream. The experience in my life of having my gifts received is totally fulfilling. That’s central to what the workshop is about, being received and seeing your gifts have a positive or even healing effect on your community and the World – and even if you can’t afford the full fee you are urged to come anyway.

We will also examine the polarity of the masculine and feminine and our relationship to giving and receiving, sharing tools for being empowered in our vulnerability and taking responsibility for how we feel and what we need. In supporting each others’ unique journeys and excitements, you will use this weekend for shared and reciprocal growth.

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