'I really did love the weekend. Just feels good to laugh again and laugh hard. Thank you! Xxx to offer something funny but without avoiding the dark stuff is quite a skill!!’

- AM

His style, and the lightness with which he holds this work was a joy to behold.and clearly not just by me, it was reflected and evidenced by the laughter and warmth generated within the group.  He is skilled, clever, funny and eloquent . . . I can wholeheartedly recommend his work to anyone looking to gently sweep out their own dark corners!

- Anon

Thank you so much for running the Insanely Gifted workshop in Glastonbury, it's opened doors in my self that I thought I'd lost, or at the very least hidden the key to, fantastic stuff.  I've been giving myself permission all over the shop since!

- Freya (Insanely Gifted)

Many, many thanks for sharing your uniquely creative vision and lighthearted approach to this work. Some people take this spiritual enlightenment stuff way too seriously!  I feel blessed to be living in a time where I'm able to do this work with so many openhearted brave souls.

- Anon. (Insanely Gifted)


Thank you for a truly amazing weekend - your words, depth and humour blew my heart and mind wide open in the best possible way. Thank you also for the huge discount- that was a huge challenge for me in itself and I nearly didn't come so thank you with all my heart. That in itself was healing.

 - Anon. (Insanely Gifted)


Jamie is wonderful!  If you are in the area, go.  It is well worth it… All gratitude to him for this amazing work.

— Amelia


If you happen to be in or around London, I strongly recommend that you take the opportunity and play with Jamie!

Transforming Shadows, in my opinion, is his best workshop.  For me it was an eye-opener, a turn-around point and it made a lasting difference.

You will meet people from all walks of life who are contributing an awful lot.

And Jamie himself:  Expect an undeniably large ego and an even larger amount of genuine kindness and wisdom and garnish it with tons of mischief.  Go and have fun.

— Sonja


If you are in London this weekend, I strongly recommend that you go to Jamie Catto’s workshop, Transforming Shadows.  It will blow your mind and open your heart.

— Klara


If you are not familiar with the work of Jamie Catto, do check him out… in London this weekend… He taught me the three most powerful words for transforming/changing self… No, not, ‘I love you’, but “JUST LIKE ME”… Seriously, anytime you judge another (negatively or positively) add these three words to the end of that thought/sentence.  Be honest and begin to change the only person you can… YOU.  That changes EVERYTHING!  Thank you Jamie.  I love you.

— Beki


For anyone need emotional and relational tidying up, this is happening THIS WEEKEND in London.  If you can’t afford it, there are easy and open ways around it.  It’s done so much goodness to me two years ago – or I should say, I’ve done so well by deciding to go there – and the level of this fantastic energy triggered then is just constantly and gradually rising.  So I wholeheartedly recommend that you go there to check what Jamie, the trickster has to offer.  There are risks as it’s your emotions and feelings, but all the digging is done through play and laughter, so I can’t imagine a gentler beginning for taking a dip into one’s self.

— Magda


Calling all London types… In fact, calling EVERYONE!!  Clear your diaries and get your good (and bad!) selves onto this weekend’s Transforming Shadows with Jamie… You’ll be challenged and put through the wringer, but trust me, you’ll be so fucking glad you went… Really and true!

— Milarepa


I cannot recommend these workshops with Jamie Catto highly enough, both as a psychotherapist AND Human being!  If you value yourself (and more to the point, if you don’t) then find a way to go.  He and the workshops have supported me to see and hear more clearly what I need to change… next.

— Janet

London people… Go to this… you will have fun, you will connect with other very lovely people, you will have Jamie take the piss out of himself in front of you and encourage you to drop all the bullshit and be human… If you can’t afford it, you can pay whatever you can afford… Go, you won’t regret it… Oh, and if you are so London cool that you need an excuse, this is Jamie of Faithless and ONE GIANT LEAP fame… ok?  So you’re going?  Yes!

— Lucy


Jamie Catto is wonderful!  If you are in the area, go.  It is well worth it.  He is a genuine, heart-centred guy, full of integrity, helping to raise the vibration of the planet by helping to connect you to your deepest truth… Love and clear out anything you no longer need.  All gratitude to him for his amazing work.

— Ammelia


Anyone in London, get yourself to this amazing workshop that of all the workshops I have done, was one of the most gentle, soothing, fun and deeply healing.  Jamie Catto is an authentic leader.  I feel very safe with him.  He also offers bursaries and as a rule, nobody should miss his workshops through a lack of funds…

— Maria


What can I say?? He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!! Ok, he might well be the Messiah, what the hell!….What a wonderful melting-pot of love, laughter, wisdom, kindness and compassion,not to mention copious use of the F word and dancing with cuddly toys. I strongly suspect my life will never be the same again!! Weirder than Werner Herzog! Thank you so much Jamie for sharing yourself with me.

— Anne Moore (Insanely Gifted)


Jamie is his unique and playful way helped me to awaken with lots of ah-ha’s, and awww’s and ahh’s. this workshop really helps in finding a deeper compassion for others and especially our-selves. liberating and often thrilling. thankyou x …darned good bloke, visionary, nutcase – in a good way. But be warned, attending a workshop causes a bit to rub off on you…

— Carl(Transforming Shadows)


Both What About You? and Transforming Shadows improved my get-up-and-go and eroded nagging self-doubts that stop me fulfilling my dreams. Self-forgiveness got easier and I basically lightened up a bit! Jamie?s passionate about what he does and shares his vision with honesty, love and occasional self-deprecation. These unique and rather magical weekends are an enriching experience. Highly recommended, I’m planning a 3rd one.

— Julia (Transforming Shadows)


The workshop was an eclectic mix of so much content I had already been in contact with, gestalt, voice dialogue, big mind, taoism and integral theory. You wove it all together with your personal experience and theories to create something quite visionary. The most profound being that it left us with the utensils, courage and belief to move forward independently.

— Blair Beattie, Goddess of Babylon (What About You? Mullumbimby)


I LOVE Jamie’s workshops.  If you want to live with more honesty, awareness and heart, these workshops are for you.  Every workshop I have done with Jamie has changed me. And it has been so enjoyable to share all the wisdom, honesty, humour and fun that emerges over the weekend.  I can’t recommend these workshops enough.  I want everyone to do them!

— Agyana (What About You?)


This weekend I took part in (& became utterly immersed in and embraced by) a truly life-altering workshop with Jamie Catto. Straightforward, uncomplicated and at times utterly irreverent wisdom – the whole experience was eye-opening, hilarious, challenging and rewarding and I met the most extraordinary people. I urge you to at the very least just check out his Facebook page and his website, he really knows his onions – I recommend his courses to every one of my friends and every one of their friends and so on until everyone has had the experience…

— Jo (Transforming Shadows)


Jamie needs to throw that shirt away

— Lisa (What About You?)


Thank you Jamie Catto for your work that has inspired me for over a decade now, words cannot express the magic of your work and effect you have thru your music, vision and wisdom. Your workshop Transforming shadows was truly an inspirational experience and thank you for sharing your knowledge, million gratitude X

— Jany (Transforming Shadows)


Jamie is exciting and compassionate and honest. The workshop was informal and full of humour but with a real sense of direction and purpose – and mischief. I am unused to workshops and frankly I was terrified at the thought, but there was no need. Jamie is intuitive and effortlessly manages to make a room full of very different people feel at ease. Some were ready to plunge into the process more quickly and deeply than I was, others less so and there was acceptance for all of us. Such an addictive, amazing experience. There was a teenager in our group and we were so envious that she was learning these transformative things so early in her beautiful life. I’m hoping Jamie branches out in to sixth forms across the country very soon. The next time the Catto experience comes within 200 miles of your town, book yourself in. You’re guaranteed to meet some fantastic people and watching them morph into the best versions of themselves right there in front of you is astonishingly powerful & touching. Do it do it do it. Best detox going.

— Georgina (Transforming Shadows)


Jamie Catto is a truly inspiring individual. He touched on notes that will resonate forever in my life and my children’s to.

— George (What About You)


I was very unsure about attending this workshop just over a week ago, but felt I should "live dangerously" by stepping outside my comfort zone. I am SO glad I did. Jamie is warm, kind, rude, witty, endlessly insightful. After the weekend I felt happier and more positive than I have done in years. Everyone needs a fix of this man’s wisdom. If more people were like Jamie Catto the world would be a more beautiful place.

— Susie (Transforming Shadows)


An edgy ,  humourous and fascinating weekend spent in the kaleidoscopic company of a curious company of beautifully freakish humanity.. under the mischievously kind tutelage of mr Catto I swore myself hoarse , shone a bright light into the painfully dark corners of me , wrestled angels and sat down on a comfy sofa with my demons ..
bloody marvellous ..

— Simon (Transforming Shadows)


Jamie’s workshop What About You was wonderful – totally inspiring.  Very emotional at times.  I am now totally looking forward to doing his Transforming Shadows workshop (place already booked).  Give yourself a treat – do a Jamie Catto workshop as soon as possible! 

— Ashara (What About You)


5,4,3,2,1 Rocket Launched!
Jamie’s style is very much his own, and the course seemed to hit me just where I needed it. His laid back but intense, spiritual but practical, ridiculous but real approach made for an experience that subtly takes affect beyond the weekend. A mixture of experience; having looked at some of the darkest times in my life, I also laughed my ass off and played some of the most outrageous games possible in a group of people, without taking your cloths off!

— Luke (Transforming Shadows)


Jamie is a fantastic role model for ‘being real’ and yet successful in living a great life. In his workshop he really redefines what success means and how to achieve things without selling yourself out to common norms. His approach is spiritual but free from b/s. One thing that I liked in particular was the fact that his workshops are not meant to be perfect but an evolving work in progress and he is completely open about it.  Finally, his fully-inclusive policy is very unique and a major stretch and commitment. One point of critcism: Jamie – get a nicer shirt next time  Thanks so much for the good work!

— Tom (What About You)


Best gift to myself.ever. So full of gratitude that Jamie is here, doing what he does. I am so much more embracing of myself in my wholeness.

— Holly (What About You)


Jamie’s workshop was a truly inspiring weekend. Left me in such a positive mood and found his advice and outlook very reassuring. Loved his style, he is so likeable as he is not trying to be anything but himself. Very refreshing to meet real people. He’s a generous soul and I wish him all the success he deserves. I just can’t stop recommending the workshop to everyone I speak. It’s a MUST!!

— Milly (Transforming Shadows)


We are all fragile, special, powerful and crazy and thats just fine. My shadows are out and it’s a great feeling.

— Sarah Lincoln (Transforming Shadows)


Hi there to whoever reads this screen.
It was by an amazing set of so called co-incidences that I traveled 3000 miles across the Australian continent with 36 hours notice to attend a workshop by Jamie. It was a Giant Leap of Faith for all I had seen was the Film a 36 hours before booking my ticket. .  There were no recommendations, just this leap of faith.
As a film video maker who has for many years found it very difficult to focus on one project and complete it, my intuition and inner trust told me to attend.
Anyway after the workshop, (which exceeded any expectations) I was able to launch a project that is inspired by Jamie, especially when he used the word MASTERPIECE very early in the weekend. He also gave us a number of sneeze secrets, and a trick used by a major American media corporation that cannot be measured in dollar or pound terms. I found his sense of humour much appreciated as many workshop facilitators seem to take themselves too seriously. You might have heard of Lao Tzu the ancient Chinese mystic sage, and J.C. reminded me of a mate of Laos Chang Tzu.
What more can I say sage?
In light and trust
Jarrahstan lightfoot on faceboom

— Michael (What About You)


“I was blown away by Jamie’s authenticity and generosity; being a living, honest and entertaining example of what he’s teaching. If you get a chance to spend a weekend in Jamie’s company, take it.”

— Bettina (What About You)


“I love Jamie’s workshops. He is challenging, funny, sweary and naughty. He attracts a great bunch of people and the work is deep and effective.”

— Clare (Transforming Shadows)


“A sexy, stylish, laugh-out-loud no-nonsense route to sustained enlightenment”.
Wouldn’t it be great to walk out of the Landmark Forum, or any other of the High Street ‘sort yourself out courses’ be able to say that to your friends. But you can’t. The best you can say is ‘There are some good tools there if you can keep your judgements at bay about the way it’s run. And don’t even look at the other participants. Yikes!’

Jamie’s method in this ‘Get-your-project-up-and-running’ workshop is to identify the part of you, let’s say the character, who is blocking you from taking action, and persuade that character to work FOR you. It’s done in a way that within 2 weeks of leaving the workshop you’ll be making that character employee of the month.

Can you imagine what’s that like when you’ve been running a business steadfastly trying to emphasise the positive and eliminate the negative for decades? It ALL becomes positive overnight, quite easily, the struggle is over.

And the bonus is you’ll spend the weekend interacting with a room full of sexy, stylish people who are genuinely up for a laugh. Will it lead to sustained enlightenment? Who cares?”

— Tom (What About You)


“A heart-opening mind-blowing mirth-making life-affirming shadow-transforming weekend! Jamie leads with such lightness, humour and honesty which is wonderfully contagious. Highly recommended!”

— Jackie (Transforming Shadows)


I’ve done some serious ShadowWork training and I studied Jung at University and there was still plenty of space for young Jamie Catto to delight me with his fresh approach to shadow and his leftfield techniques for dealing with demons. Now that my inner critic speaks with Eric Morecombe’s voice he just raises a smile.

— Paul (Transforming Shadows)


What a powerful workshop. Jamie was outstanding in the liberating way that he facilitated such a deep working on myself. I can highly recommend this workshop and cannot find the words that say how grateful I am for the tools it has give me to reveal my masterpiece

— Jacqui (Transforming Shadows)


Tired of all those old stories that keep running through your brain? This workshop cuts through the crap with humour and a good mix of processes. This is an update that you will enjoy.

— Carol (Transforming Shadows)


Exhilarating, intense, powerful, these are some words that come to mind when I think about this weekend’s ‘Transforming Shadows’ workshop with Jamie. Jamie is a wonderful teacher, he provides a safe environment for self-exploration. If you are looking for something gentle to skim the surface then this workshop is not for you. But if you are willing to do the work, be authentic, bold and outrageous you won’t be disappointed.

— S (Transforming Shadows)


Transforming shadows? I can safely say that if you are unsure whether this is for you, then don’t be. I was and I am so glad I attended. Truly life changing if you open yourself up to the possibility!

— David (Transforming Shadows)